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November 14, 2017


Dave was at home throughout that day, had a good rest that day since he didn’t go to the shop of his uncle. When the daughters of Mrs Chioma returned from school they were shocked to meet him at home because their mother and Dave always were always at the shop except on Saturdays that their mother stays home with them and Dave alone went to the shop. 
Jane and Janet were both in SS3 in school, Jane was in the Art class while Janet was in the Sciences, they were so good in their studies although both of them were the youngest in their various classes, although been 14 years old they still were smart and behaved so matured among their classmates.
Brother, good afternoon they both greeted him in unison as they hugged him.
Hey ladies! How are you both doing and how was school today?
School today was fine but why are you at home today, Jane asked been the most outspoken among the two daughters of Mrs Chioma.
Well, nothing really Jane, just felt to be at home today, he lied. They were both not convinced with the answer they got but just accepted it because they were definitely going to ask their mum whenever she returns from the shop. They ate their meal, rested a bit and left for the evening lesson they do have very close to their house, which lasted two hours every day except on Sundays that they don’t go for lessons.
Mrs Chioma returned from the shop that day earlier than the 5 pm that she normally returns home. She was a bit moody and immediately she entered, she made her way straight to her room. Dave greeted her but she responded coldly and left to her room. It was after few hours of rest, which was cut short by her daughters who returned from their lesson class.
Good evening mummy, they both greeted her as they both sat beside their mum on her bed.
Good evening my beautiful daughters, how was school today and your lessons?
Fine and good, just lots of assignments which must be submitted tomorrow.
Well, that’s a nice my daughters, assignments will go a long way to assist you in reading and also seeing that in few months time you both will be writing your Waec, just sad that I did not have the opportunity of going to school. 
mummy, please don’t start this your regrets again Janet said to her, it's not your fault that you were unable to go to school but be thankful to God that has helped you and daddy to have the finances to send us to school and even a good school for that matter. Many didn’t have the opportunity of going to school and even no finances to train their own children in school, so Mummy cheer up, your case is not the worst, we will make you proud Jane added and gave her mum a peck on the forehead.
But Mummy I observed something today, Jane told her mum, how do you mean my daughter?
Brother Dave was at home today and you also came back too early unlike usual, what’s the issue mummy? 
Girls its nothing at all, all is well my daughters she told them but they insisted that all was not well and needed their mum to say what the matter was.
She told them all what happened that morning that morning, not long she finished telling her daughters what happened, Dave entered the room, apologized to her uncle’s wife. 
What happened next? Get that in the next episode

Episode 8 Coming soon 

October 16, 2017


The blackmail Episode 6

Mrs Chioma had to go to the shop alone that day since Dave refused to go to the shop and his looks was not a happy one to be at the shop after the slap she gave to him unexpectedly. Few minutes after she left the house, Dave called his father’s line severally but he refused to pick up his calls.
Mr Peter was still furious and angry at the way his son responded to him on phone. It looked so strange and unthinkable that his son could shout at him. He couldn’t go to his shop neither did he allow the young boy that was assisting him in the shop to open the shop.
He sat down boiling in thoughts, tapping his right foot on the floor and trying to get over the shock he just got from his son. He was in deep thought when his wife who went to the farm returned. Greeted him twice but Mr Peter appeared like a blank sheet in an examination hall. His wife needed to tap him on his shoulder and he jerked out of his thought like a bird that escaped from the nest.
My husband, you look so worried, who offended you and why at home by this time of the day instead to be at your shop? Mrs Peter asked her husband with great concern.
Woman! Don’t husband me at all at all, I am not in the mood to talk to anyone now, just go into the house and leave me alone!
Mrs Peter still pressured the husband to know what actually went wrong to the point of him being furious with her after several years of both of them being married.
Is it not this stupid son of yours that has turned to something else that he has gotten to the city and now has the nerves and audacity to shout at his father on phone and even giving me a warning.
 His wife replied calmly in defence of his son, my son is not stupid and I know my son can’t do such a thing to his father. I believe there might have been something that came up or maybe part of his plans to get the woman’s trust. I think we should call him on phone, but did he call you back? Mrs Peter asked her husband.
Yes, he called severally but I was not ready to talk to a son that has suddenly grown wings within few months of leaving his father’s house and now could shout at his father on phone. That is not the way out of this situation, Mrs Peter told her husband as she picked up her husband’s phone to call her son Dave.
Her son picked up the call almost immediately as though he has been waiting for his father’s call to come in.
Dave: hello daddy, I am sorry, let me explain.
Mrs Peter: It's your mum. How are you my son, I believe you are fine, and what is this am hearing from your dad?
Dave: I am fine mummy; I can explain what actually happened. I shouted on dad on phone in the presence of aunty Chioma this morning after she told me how dad has been hash towards her whenever she called, with the intention of behaving like one by her side since dad and uncle James has turned hostile towards her and also to win her trust the more.
Mrs Peter: Wow! that’s my son, I told your dad that you are not a stupid son but that something must have brought up that idea of you shouting at him, you need to speak to your dad now. He is with me here.
She handed the phone over to her husband to speak with Dave.
Mr Peter: yes young man, what prompted that foolish attitude of yours some hours ago?
Dave: As I explained to mum, that idea came to me with the intention of winning her trust more and if I had told you initially, you could have acted too calmly that’s why I shouted on you when she told me this morning that you and uncle James were been too hash to her. Although, I collected a slap from her for been disrespectful to my father.
 Mr Peter: That is a nice one my son, but I was almost scared that you may have changed your mind towards the mission that took you to her house. But do well to apologize to her when she returns in the evening to avoid making her have some disbelieve about you.
Dave: I will do as you have said daddy, everything is under control here with me, so do not bother yourself, the plan will be executed smoothly.
Have a nice day, his father said and hung up the call.
Mr Peter and his wife stared at each other and laughed so loud. My son is becoming a real crook, Mr Peter said.
Yes of cause, he is following the footsteps of his father, his wife responded in laughter as she made her way to the kitchen


October 11, 2017


I am sorry, my friend

I am sorry! I am sorry! I am sorry!
The above is not strange to anyone including a child but there comes a lot of questions with the above: When you say “I am sorry”, do you really mean it that you are sorry. Do you take actions that will justify the claim of been sincerely sorry or it’s just mere words of the mouth?
Many conflicts and intertribal problems would have been resolved without any crash of power but due to pride, people see it as a humiliation to say sorry to someone they have wronged or someone they feel they did not wrong in any way. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that saying sorry has resolved some wars and reconciled homes, relations and nations.
If peace must, therefore be in the land, then there must be people who are and must be ready to say sorry whenever they go wrong or even when they are right just to calm the rage of the other person
Saying “I am sorry” does not change your identity, neither does it show that you are a weak person, in fact, that is a great strength because you just calmed an angry man with it and peace in that relationship was restored.
Learn to say sorry even to people you are older than including your children, don’t claim to a father or mother, and you make use of that opportunity to oppress your kids and shout at them because you are their parents rather than be humble to say “my child I am sorry”.
As a boss in the office, for you to have a great respect and cordial relationship between you and your subordinates then you must learn to say sorry if you discover your wrong or your wrong is being found out by the person under you. It does not reduce you as their boss but it makes your subordinates to be very friendly and free with you. This will create room for great improvement because due to your freeness with them they can easily bring up ideas that will keep your company going or try to share with you some useful steps to take that may want to crash down the growth of the company. A little sorry has added more to your safety and taking you away from failure.
As a religious leader in the church or mosque or any gathering that relates with the worship of God, do you try to assume the most-perfect person without mistakes? That’s not true, only God is the perfect being, as long as you are still a human, you are bound to still make mistakes, making a mistake is not a crime but do you accept your mistakes when it is made known to you. Saying sorry does not dethrone you from that great height and position that you are occupying. Learn to say sorry sir and ma.
Go, say sorry to that person you have offended, that good friend of yours that your relationship has grown sour because of pride of not being willing to be the first to say sorry. Go back to that your fiancĂ©e or hubby, reconcile.  Be a peace restorer by saying that sorry. Bear the blame if you really value that friendship or relationship that has been broken down by your pride.
Sorry has power, it's a builder and restorer.  Say it out loud and restore peace in the mist of that crises.

October 02, 2017


The blackmail Episode 5

The following week Dave travelled to his uncle’s house at Okoko, which was about two hours journey from his father’s house. The two hours journey has seen to be day’s journey due to the traffic jam that is been experienced almost in the whole cities of Lagos State on a daily basis. Dave was joyful that he was moving to a new environment but at the same time felt sad because he was on a mission for destruction and not for peace.
At arrival, Mrs Jackson and her two daughters welcomed him warmly into their house. He felt the love of a family and the love he had missed not having younger siblings, as Jane and Janet always kept him busy before he started going to work at his uncle’s business centre. They lived so happily in the house and he learned things quickly at the business place of his uncle.
It came to a point that he thought of calling his father on phone to inform him that he had no more interest again in the evil plans he came to execute due to the love he has received. However, at intervals, the thought of being rich always beclouded his thoughts over having a good name and being good.

Three months later
Mr Peter, on the other hand, was worried over his son’s reluctance in not executing the plans as quickly as earlier agree before he left for Okoko and this made him so angry with Mrs Jackson that he now shouts on phone whenever he called Mrs Jackson
This woman must have charmed my son. I knew it that this woman will change and now that change has affected my son that he no longer calls me as he did when he got to Okoko newly. I need to do something urgently before this gets out of hand, Mr Peter reasoned within himself.

At Mrs Resident

Dave sit down we need to talk.
I hope all is well Aunty? Dave asked
All is not well Dave
Why have your father and his brother become so hateful toward me and everything I do, and this has been on for long now ever since you came here although I decided to keep everything away from you, but now its getting me really tired.
Aunty, you should have told me about their attitude change towards you long before now!
Aunty, don’t mind them, just focus on yourself and let them be. I am always here for you. They can be angry but can't-do anything evil to you.
I am even calling my dad now to warn him Dave said to Mrs Jackson
Please don’t do that to avoid more problems and shouting on phone. But Dave insisted on calling his father.

Hello Daddy! Good morning son
Daddy nothing is good about this morning, why have you and uncle James decided to make life miserable for Uncle’s wife?
Son, what has come over you? Are you becoming stupid or something? Remember am still your father.
And so what! daddy?
 Hey things have spoilt oh, look at my son of yesterday shouting at his father just because he travelled to Okoko
Mrs Jackson collected the phone from Dave in haste and gave him a resounding slap that echoed like the fire service siren when there is an emergency fire outbreak.
Aunty, why did you slap me? Dave asked with a shivering voice.
Yes! I slapped you because you don’t talk to your father in such manner no matter what he has done.
And one more word from you again, Dave I will slap you again and you will leave this house.
Dave angrily left the sitting home and went into his room.

What happened next?

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